Endorsements for Powerful Moments in the Presence of God

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Powerful Moments in the Presence of God

“This simple book will do two amazing things: First, it will take you into the very presence of the Almighty. And second, it will bring heaven to earth.

Every time believers read a book of faith, we are striving to get closer to the Almighty. We all need to be aware of the presence of God. But this book does not just display a selection of amazing Scriptures. It presents what people are looking for when they want to come closer to the Lord.

Like many of you, I live a difficult life. I spend the majority of my time in the Middle East between Iraq and Israel, trying to deal with conflict in some of the most complex places on earth. As I read this book, I did indeed see the presence of our Lord surrounding me, directing me and enabling me with His love.

Lorraine Varela lives this reality every day of her life, and shares in this book what she lives with. She is an amazing photographer, and combines with words and pictures the reality of creation and God’s power.

Reading this book is a must and I recommend it to you without hesitation. When you read it, you, too, will surely have powerful moments in the presence of God.”

The Reverend Canon Dr. Andrew P.B. White
President, Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East (FRRME)

“Lorraine Varela’s Powerful Moments in the Presence of God is a work of art. I loved the photography matched to interesting, encouraging and inspiring devotionals. This is the kind of devotional not just directed to the mind or spirit, but also to the artistic side of our personalities. The glory of God is revealed through His creation and through us, both of which have been captured in Lorraine’s artistic photographs and devotionals. I love how she reveals the living God—not One relegated to the long-past history or to the coming millennial reign, but the God who speaks, heals, sees and saves in the present day. She reveals God who not only wants to take us to heaven, but to release the power of heaven into our lives on earth. I hope it is but the first of several books like this that Lorraine will bring to the body of Christ.”

Randy Clark, D. Min
Founder and President, Global Awakening and the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening

“What a pleasure to read this book. In a series of short, to-the-point devotionals, Lorraine has given the reader 90 different opportunities to consider what it means to know Christ personally and enjoy the love He offers. Those of you who read it, will be richer for it.”

Luci Swindoll
Author/Speaker, Women of Faith

“Lorraine’s book has wisdom beyond her years. I am deeply moved and inspired by her thoughts.”

Marilyn Meberg
Speaker/Writer, Women of Faith

Devotional by Lorraine Marie Varela

Powerful Moments in the Presence of God

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This beautiful devotional gift book is for readers who want to experience God's presence in a new and exciting way. With amazing testimonies, inspirational messages, and four-color photographs taken by the author, this book encourages readers to see God's power at work in the lives of everyday people.

The devotional messages take only moments to read, but are packed with biblical promise and perspective. Along with a message of faith and trust in a miracle-working God, each day's spread also includes a related Scripture that points to timeless truth--and inspires readers to expect their own supernatural encounters with God.