Finding Hope When You’re Facing an Impossible Situation

Finding Hope When You’re Facing an Impossible Situation

I love to use the Internet. Information at your fingertips.” Sometimes it’s hard to remember what life was like before Google, Wikipedia, web browsers and search engines—all ready at our whim to dispense advice as we search for answers to our questions, from the meaningful to the mundane.

This knowledge gives us power—or at least, the sense of control over our situation and environment. The answer to any problem that faces us is just a mouse-click away. If only it were that easy…

This thirst for knowledge has been around since the beginning of time—knowledge that was passed down from one generation to another. Skills were taught from parent to child, a trusted pattern for survival.

Until one day, the trusted methods failed to work, and instead of a positive outcome, an impossible situation loomed in its place.


Luke 5:1-11
The Miracle Catch of Fish


Simon Peter was a fisherman who faced an impossible situation. He’d been out fishing in his boat all night, doing all the right things—fishing in the right places, at the right time, with the right equipment, just as he had learned and done many times before—but he came up empty-handed without a single fish for all his efforts.

fishing boat on the sea of galilee in Israel

Tired and frustrated, Peter was on the shore taking care of his nets when a Man got into his boat nearby.

The Man said to Peter, “Let me use your boat.”

The Man was Jesus.

Peter got into the boat with Jesus and pushed off, so that Jesus could teach the people while in the boat.

shore of the sea of galilee in israel

When Jesus finished His teaching, He turned his attention to Peter and told him, “Now row out to deep water to cast your nets, and you will have a great catch.”

The impossible situation now faced Peter once again. He knew from his experience there were no fish to be caught.

It should have been Peter who first thought up these often quoted words: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Surely, to go back to the same place with the same method meant another failure just waiting to happen. But this time, Jesus was in his boat. And because of his faith in the word Jesus gave him, Peter came into agreement with this plan and did as Jesus suggested.

The impossible became possible.

The fishing nets teemed with a catch so great that the nets began to break, and Peter’s boat began to sink.

Awestruck by the miracle he had witnessed, Peter pulled his boat to shore, left everything behind and followed Jesus.

mountain hillside of rocks at masada in israel

You may be facing an impossible situation in your life. An inability to forgive someone who has hurt you, no matter how hard you have tried. A financial failure that has left you devastated with no place to turn. An addiction that has such a strong hold on you which no treatment plan has been able to fix. All the tried and true methods which guarantee success have failed you time and again.

Whatever your impossible situation, take hope. Jesus is in your boat.

Will you let Him stay?

Sitting across from you, He steadies His gaze and locks His eyes onto yours. He doesn’t come to remind you of your past failures, but to give you hope for your future success—if you will trust Him, and put your faith in His promises for you.

As you face your impossible situation, Jesus will show you what to do.  He will release the strategies He’s prepared to bring you victory. Only believe.

mediterranean sea in israel

Photos taken in Israel along the Sea of Galilee, at Masada, and on the Mediterranean coast.

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Great word Lorraine
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