High School Senior Portrait Ideas. ~Lorraine Marie, Seattle Senior Photographer

High School Senior Portrait Ideas. ~Lorraine Marie, Seattle Senior Photographer

I think it’s great when seniors are able to include the things they love in their high school senior portraits.  There’s no better way to personalize your senior pictures!  Here’s how I see it – your senior photo session should be at least one time in your life when you get to let the focus just be on you…who you are, what you love, your passions, your interests.  Not only do we capture beautiful portraits in a natural setting that your mom is going to love and want to hold onto for years to come, but we also look to create great lifestyle and editorial images.  All of these photographs come together to tell the story of you – how awesome is that?  And to put it all together, we offer beautiful leather albums that showcase your favorite images so you don’t have to leave anything out.  If you’d like to schedule your own senior photo session before the summer slips away, I’d love to hear from you.  You can call or text me at 206-930-1333 and we’ll get started.  (For more information about scheduling your senior portrait session, just head to the bottom of this post).

{Behind the Scenes – Katherine}  Katherine had a fear of horses that went back to the days she was just a little girl…but if you ask, she couldn’t pinpoint why she didn’t like horses. She didn’t know.  Enter into the picture her boyfriend and his family, who not only have several horses, but big ones at that!  Slowly over the past year Max, a beautiful Belgian draft horse, has been helping Katherine to see what she’s been missing.  They’re off to a great start!

Bellevue senior photography of a horse and girl

{Behind the Scenes – Emily}  Emily, on the other hand, was raised around horses and they were her passion.  When she went off to college, she made sure that the school she chose had an equestrian program.  Buster was one of her best buddies, as you can see by this lifestyle photograph of the two of them together.  So sweet.

Redmond senior pictures of a girl and her horse

{Behind the Scenes – Emily} Another Emily chose to be photographed with man’s other best friend, her dog, Winston.  Such a sweet and mellow soul!  Emily’s senior photo session took place at her home, and I love, love, l-o-v-e this editorial photograph of the two of them taken in Emily’s living room.  Even the flowers on the table were cut moments before from her mom’s fabulous dahlia garden.  The peace and tranquility this photograph shows always draws me in.

Bellevue senior pictures in an editorial pose of a girl and her dog

{Behind the Scenes – Joy} Joy asked if she could bring her instrument along to her senior session, and I got a lesson in musical instruments!  She’s holding a “Euphonium“.  As she told me, it’s a more descriptive way to refer to a baritone horn, but those in the know will have no problem distinguishing between the two.  I just wish I could have coaxed her into actually playing it for me.

Bellevue senior pictures of a girl and her instrument the euphonium

{Behind the Scenes – Jamie}  Jamie was a worship leader at both his church and his school, so bringing his guitar along made perfect sense.  We photographed him on a bridge near his house – a peaceful place he’d wander to often while growing up.  Win-win for using a place that is meaningful along with the instrument he loves.

Bellevue senior pictures of a guy with his guitar

{Behind the Scenes – Kaysay} Kaysay loved playing her piano at home.  It held so much sentimental value that there was no way we could not incorporate it into her senior pictures.  This photo in particular grabs me – it’s almost mysterious yet mischievous at the same time.

Bellevue senior pictures of a girl at her piano in black and white

{Behind the Scenes – Brianna}  Brianna is one of those girls whose talents you just know are going to take her far in life.  Having been mentored in art and fashion design for years by the fabulous Dianne Brudnicki from the School of Art and Innovation, Brianna had some awesome pieces of art and fashion to use in her senior pictures.  We took these at Dianne’s studio – a place Brianna knew quite well.  Fabulous!

Seattle senior pictures of a girl with her art and fashion designs

{Behind the Scenes – Wren} Wren was another senior who loved to create pieces of art at her home studio.  We found this easel and set it up in her greenhouse out back – what a great spot with beautiful, natural light.  I found it interesting how the colors all worked together so well – this in one girl who knows what she is doing.

Seattle senior pictures of a girl with her artwork

{Behind the Scenes – Hannah} Hannah loves to read. Absolutely, positively it’s one of her favorite things to do.  So when I suggested that for part of her senior photo session we hang out at the Seattle Public Library, she was more than willing.  We found her favorite author, picked out one of his books and then went in search of fabulous window light to take her portrait.  Only problem was that Hannah was so tempted by the book in her hands, it was more interesting to her than taking pictures!  No worries…we did plenty of both.

Seattle senior portraits of a girl with a book

{Behind the Scenes – Acacia}  Acacia was another self-professed book lover, but Acacia also had another love:  theater and a flair for the dramatic arts.  We had so much fun with her on this fall day capturing photo after photo of her in the woods with her favorite collection of books, that it was nearly impossible for me to share just one for the example here.  Really.  They were that special…just like Acacia. (Please, no groans – I’ll leave that to my family to do it for you!)

Seattle senior pictures of a girl surrounded by her books

{Behind the Scenes – Tessa} Tessa was quite the athlete and competitor when it came to swimming, and since so much of her time had been devoted to practicing, training and competing, we had to showcase her love for the water with some photographs at the pool. Not just portraits, but action shots as well.  And yes…we later went into Pioneer Square to get some beautiful photos of Tessa in a a variety of outfits.  If you’d like to have your senior photos taken at more than one location like Tessa did, be sure to ask me for the specifics and we’ll set you up.

Seattle senior pictures of a girl at the pool

{Behind the Scenes – Laura}  Laura had the fun of working in the Brass Plum Department at Nordstrom, so she knew a thing or two about fashion.  Okay, maybe a lot more than a thing or two!  We took Laura’s senior pictures out at the Seattle Center, and had a great time re-creating fashion poses that were absolutely magazine worthy.  Don’t you agree?

Seattle senior portraits of a girl in a magazine fashion pose

So I hope this sneak peek has been helpful to get your creative ideas flowing on what you’d like to do to personalize your own senior session.  To learn more about our senior pictures, visit this spot on our website:  Senior Portraits  When you’re ready to book your session, give me (that’s Lorraine) a call at 206-930-1333 or send an email inquiry to info@lorrainemarie.com. Looking forward to meeting you this summer!

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