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I once brought home the cutest puppy.  I found her sitting on the lap of a girl who was riding my school bus, and she was being given away.  Cool!  She went with me to classes that day, and home with me at night.  My dad didn’t think she was so cute, though, and I was instructed to promptly give her back.  There was just one glitch – I didn’t know the girl who had given me the dog, and I had brought her home on a Friday night – before Spring break.  So the puppy lived in our home and for the next seven days, she found her way into each of our hearts.  When school resumed, the dog was mine!

I’m remembering that story quite vividly today, because this past week, we had another week-long visitor in our home:  a small rat-terrier named Patches.  His owners needed a place for him to stay while they jetted off to the Hawaiian sun, and we seemed to be the best match to take care of their lovable (yet neurotic) dog.  The strangest thing happened during the week he was here:  Gabriel started to enjoy having a dog around the house again!  (right, honey?)  And…he even started looking into what breed of dog would be best for our family.  16 months after losing our golden retriever Anushka, it’s a welcome thought to be actively looking for another pup to fill our home with life.

family and pet photography in redmond, washington

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dog photography in redmond, washington

So thanks, Patches…you did your job well!

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