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You’ve found me…and I’m so glad you’re here. As you can see from my pile of journals, writing has been part of my life for a long time now. It all started in the most unexpected way. Supernatural, really. The voice of God came crashing through my peaceful night of sleep to wake me up with one commanding word: GO!

Once I was awakened (physically and spiritually) by a reality so overwhelming, there was never any option but to pay attention and listen. For nearly fifteen years, I’ve been acutely aware of the presence of God and His desire to draw close. Listening is a discipline that requires intention and focus, but the rewards are just so huge. You can read more about my journey and the resulting words of encouragement that God has impressed to me in my book, Powerful Moments in the Presence of God.

But this blog—this is for you. I hope you stay awhile to find encouragement in the devotional insights, behind-the-scenes stories of travels and photos, and inspirational thoughts. And when you go, may you leave with your faith inspired and increased. Be blessed! ~Lorraine Marie


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The Year of the Breakthrough

 If I were to take a poll of 100 people and ask, “How many of you need breakthrough in your life?” I’m sure I would get a 100% affirmative response rate. Why? Everyone is looking for growth or change in some area of their life, whether that is in finances, health, relationships or spiritual growth. Breakthrough is rooted in the promises of God, and is what moves us forward. Many prophetic voices have spoken that 2017 is the Year of the Breakthrough. I agree! What I find fascinating about breakthrough is that often it is preceded by signs in our natural world. Take Moses for example. Just before he received the breakthrough of leading the his people out of slavery in Egypt, he had an encounter with the Living God through the natural—and supernatural—occurrence of the burning bush. Moses saw a bush that was engulfed in a flame of fire, but it was not consumed. And from that bush, he heard the audible voice of God (See Exodus 3). If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is. If you’ve been following the news lately, you will be aware that the state of California has been in an historic, severe drought for the past year. 86% of California was in severe drought or worse. Yesterday, a news agency reported that California was considering lifting the emergency drought rules. The report stated, “Due to ongoing rain, 44% of California is out of severe drought, down from 49% one week ago, while 42% is out of drought entirely.” That’s amazing! And that should get our attention. In the Bible, rain is... read more

What to Do With a Bad Report

It is inevitable. At some point in your life, you will receive a bad report. We all face disappointments, challenges, setbacks, and heartbreaks. How you respond when trials come is critical—for your attitude can influence not only your emotions, but also your faith. This week I received several bad reports. The first came via a letter in the mail. Another in a heartbreaking text from a friend. A third through a discouraging situation made known on social media. The irony of a bad report is that it contains factual information that opposes the promises of God, and can be the very situation God uses to test our faith in Him. Do you repeat the bad report when it comes, or do you hold fast to God and contend for His promises to be fulfilled? In Numbers chapter 13, we read the story of the twelve men Moses sent out to scout the land God had promised to the children of Israel. When the scouts came back, they spoke of a good land “flowing with milk and honey.” But they had a problem. The people living in the land were strong and powerful. Outmatched in strength, physical size and number, the scouts were afraid. They spread a bad report among the children of Israel (v. 32). Often, the first response to a bad report is fear. If you’re not careful, a bad report can threaten to— —steal your hope —kill your dreams, and —destroy your faith in God Eight years ago, my husband Gabriel received a bad report. This was near the start of 2009, when our economy crumbled… and Gabriel was laid off... read more

Mariners, Angels, Signs and Wonders

“Today we’re going to catch a foul ball.” Walking to Safeco Field to watch a ballgame between the Seattle Mariners and the Angels of Anaheim, I turned to my daughter Ashley and made this great statement of faith. Or maybe it was a statement of presumption. Either way, Ashley — who is a professional baseball sports writer and has attended more ballgames than I can count — dismissed my comment without a thought. She knew better. Foul balls are never hit her way. Together with Gabriel, we took our seats in the 100 section, right in the sightline of third base. Wouldn’t you know it? At the top of the first inning, the first foul ball of the game was hit by an Angel high into the air…and as it lofted down, it looked like it was heading straight for us. The ball took its time falling from the sky. This gave me plenty of time to consider my words spoken before the game started. This did seem to be what I had wanted. I was also acutely aware that without a glove, if I stood up to catch that ball with my bare hands, it would probably hurt. A lot. I remained seated and watched the ball as it drifted down. And so did every other person in my section. No one moved! Not one person stood up to take possession of this errant ball. Eventually, the ball dropped over our heads and landed at the feet of the fans seated right behind us, then bounced away. A few innings later, I looked over at the Mariner dugout and had a flashback in my memory to a player... read more

To My Millennial Friends: Finding Your Purpose in Life Through Identity and Destiny

As my sister-in-law Debby drove to the elementary school to pick up her daughter, the car was filled with a barrage of questions from her 3-year-old son Cameron, securely fastened in his car seat in the back. Like many other preschoolers his age, Cameron was fascinated with the “why’s” of life in his growing world. “Mommy, why are we here?” Cameron asked Debby as they pulled up to the school. “We’re here to pick up your sister,” came Debby’s obvious answer. Frustrated, Cameron let out an exasperated sigh. “No,” he said, “not why are we here. Why are we heeere?” To emphasis his point, Cameron’s little arms made a wide circle to indicate the earth. And with that unforgettable exchange, this little boy asked the question so many of us take a life-time to answer. Maybe you’ve been asking these questions lately as well. “Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? How can I make a difference in this world? I’m so confused…” Confusion often comes when your identity is mixed up with the vocation you choose to follow. Your identity and vocation are not the same thing, though they can and should work together. This is so important to understand! Let’s say you’ve chosen to work as a nurse. You invest your time and resources in training, and spend years developing your skill. Whenever you meet a new person, you’re quick to say in the introductions, “I am a nurse.” Being a nurse has become your identity. It is who you are—or so you think. Then one day, your job folds and you are thrown into a pool of thousands... read more

The Secrets of a Happy Marriage

Twenty-nine years ago, I made some very specific promises to Gabriel, and I became his wife. I heard that marriage was going to be hard. Everybody said so. I was twenty-three years old. How did I know that conventional wisdom would prove to be so wrong? I almost feel guilty for confessing that marriage has been easy for the two of us, because I know all too well the heartache of so many others. Sure, we’ve experienced our fair share of hard times from infertility to cancer, but through it all, the love we have for each other grew stronger as together we faced whatever challenge came our way. Maybe it helped that Gabriel had a ten year start in life over me, and brought maturity to our relationship. I’m sure that played a part. But as the years have gone by—and we’ve reflected over this many times—I believe it comes back to the core values we chose from the start:  Never cross the line of respect, and always try to out-serve each other in love. Believe it or not, that’s it! Believe it or not, that may be enough. On October 18, 1986, Gabriel and I stood at the altar and he promised me to love me unconditionally with his “deepest love, unselfish devotion and tenderest care.” He promised to be “faithfully committed to me with God’s help,” and he gave me his word that he’d “stay at my side for the rest of his life.” He has lived up to these promises time and time again. One of his favorite sayings is that “love is a demonstration, not an inclination.”... read more

Radio Interview with Roger Marsh on Powerful Moments in the Presence of God

This week I had the privilege of talking with Roger Marsh, host of the radio talk show “The Bottom Line.” Roger comes from my hometown area in California, and talking with him felt like returning to my roots. I’m so glad his was the first interview I’ve had about the new release of my book, Powerful Moments in the Presence of God. I was fully prepared to answer Roger’s questions about the devotionals; surprisingly, I was caught a little off-guard with his questions about my photography. I was glad to talk about both! http://lorrainemarie.com/wp-content/uploads/The-Bottom-Line.mp3   If you prefer to listen to the interview while looking at beautiful pictures from this book, click here instead!   To order your own copy—or one for a friend—you can visit Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, or... read more