New Release! Love in the Face of ISIS

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Love in the Face of ISIS

“Jesus told us to love our enemies and to bless those who persecute us. These are not just nice words for church liturgy. Jesus is calling us to a lifestyle, a lifestyle that many of our brothers and sisters being tortured and often killed for their faith are demonstrating, and the only lifestyle that will conquer evil and call millions into the Kingdom.

Love in the Face of ISIS is a call to the war room of prayer. Jesus and His disciples constantly call us not to fear, but to walk confidently forward in faith. When disaster strikes, we are not called to gather food and guns and head for the bunker; we are to go into the storms to rescue those who are lost.

…If you are grieving over the victims of ISIS, read Lorraine’s book. If you are challenged by Jesus’ admonition to pray for your enemies, read Lorraine’s book. If you would like to send financial support to those suffering from the Middle East crisis, listen to Lorraine. She’s been there and knows some of the people. If you feel your prayers need jump-starting to the next level, or if you want to have some model prayers that can be lifted to the heavens in Jesus’ name, read and respond to Lorraine’s call to action.”

Don Finto
Founder and Director Emeritus, Caleb Company
Author, Your People Shall Be My People

Love in the Face of ISIS

Love in the Face of ISIS

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“Lorraine Varela is a gifted writer, and her book Love in the Face of ISIS is a challenge to Christians to be informed, to pray fervently for our brothers and sisters abroad and to practice Christlike grace and truth–even when confronting the darkest of foes.”

Lela Gilbert
Author and Journalist
Jerusalem, Israel

Love in the Face of ISIS is an inspiring read, a reminder that the perfect love of God casts out all fear. This book encourages readers to pray strategically for ISIS and the persecuted Church in the Middle East–obeying our Lord Jesus Christ’s words to love our enemies and to pray for those who persecute us.

Already the Lord has been hearing and answering our prayers. We have multiple testimonies of Muslims encountering a Man in white in their dreams, of Saul-to-Paul encounters, of Muslims becoming followers of Christ who, because they have been forgiven much, love much–even unto death! It is an exciting time of revival, with a harvest of souls by the power of the Holy Spirit, with love bringing them from a kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Light so that Jesus’ name is above all names.

This is a must-read! You will be encouraged to join the army of radical lovers and intercessors by joining with the great Intercessor!”

Samaa Habib
Author, Face to Face with Jesus

“Not only does this book give an accurate historical and political account of the crisis in Iraq. But it is a book about the profound love of G-d, which can and will change everything. The love of G-d brings light into absolute darkness. It changes and transforms individual lives. This is a book that can change your life.”

The Reverend Canon Dr. Andrew P.B. White
President, The Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East (FRRME)