Powerful Moments in the Presence of God

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What an amazing gem. If you are in the desert, this is water. If you are in the wilderness, it is vision. Whether you are on the mountain top or in the valley below, this masterwork is for you. Powerful Moments captures the beauty of God’s creation, proclaims the Truth of scripture, and makes known the deep revelation that is freely given to those who humbly and boldly seek Him.” ~Scott Markle, Amazon.com reviewer

A Masterpiece Written from the Heart of God


“The overwhelming peace, deep joy and pure love I felt as I read each page left an imprint on my soul. I truly wanted to linger on each page and soak in the truth of God’s promises.”
~Amanda Gibson, Amazon.com reviewer

A great gift for yourself and your closest friends


“This is a powerful devotional that is simply stated but most direct. It will really witness to your soul and draw you closer to the One and Only God — get ready to grow in your walk with Him.”
~Theresa Jensen, Amazon.com reviewer

What Others Are Saying…

“This simple book will do two amazing things: First, it will take you into the very presence of the Almighty. And second, it will bring heaven to earth.” The Reverend Canon Dr. Andrew P.B. White

President, Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East (FRRME)

“What a pleasure to read this book. In a series of short, to-the-point devotionals, Lorraine has given the reader 90 different opportunities to consider what it means to know Christ personally and enjoy the love He offers. Those of you who read it, will be richer for it.” Luci Swindoll

Author/Speaker, Women of Faith

“Lorraine Varela’s Powerful Moments in the Presence of God is a work of art.  This is the kind of devotional directed not just to the mind or spirit, but also to the artistic side of our personalities.” Randy Clark, D. Min.

Founder and President, Global Awakening and the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening

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This beautiful devotional gift book is for readers who want to experience God’s presence in a new and exciting way. With amazing testimonies, inspirational messages, and four-color photographs taken by the author, this book encourages readers to see God’s power at work in the lives of everyday people.

The devotional messages take only moments to read, but are packed with biblical promise and perspective. Along with a message of faith and trust in a miracle-working God, each day’s spread also includes a related Scripture that points to timeless truth–and inspires readers to expect their own supernatural encounters with God.

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*7 Countries. **5 States. ***28 Cities.

Each location holds a special place in my heart. The following photographs were created in these beautiful places:

Cairo Market Bazaar (Khan el-Khalili). Cairo, Egypt.  Fix Your Eyes, p. 64-65

Great Pyramids of Giza. Make Me Known, p. 158-159

Outside the St. Simeon monastery. Aswan, Egypt. Transforming Hearts, p. 146-147

The ruins at Elephantine. Aswan, Egypt. Tear Down the Walls, p. 176-177

The temple of Khnum. Aswan, Egypt. Faith Transforms Belief, p. 188-189

Train from London to Edinburgh. England. A Journey of Joy, p. 198-199

Windsor Castle in the spring. Windsor, England. The Culture of Honor, p. 120-121

Under the Eiffel Tower. Paris, France. Mindful of My Presence, p. 204-205

The view from the Mount of Olives. Jerusalem, Israel. The Characteristics of Honor, p. 46-47

The wall of the Old City. Jerusalem, Israel. No Fear, p. 104-105

An alley in the Old City. Jerusalem, Israel. Exercising Faith, p. 130-131

Arab shouk in the Old City. Jerusalem, Israel. The Ultimate Treasure Hunt, p. 154-155

4th century synagogue. Capernaum, Israel. Look Upon Me, p. 160-161

The Garden Tomb. Jerusalem, Israel. What’s In Your Vessel? p 180-181

Canals of Amsterdam. A Journey of Interdependence, p. 24-25

Streets of Amsterdam. The Secret of Abiding, p. 48-49

Corrie ten Boom House. Haarlem. Desire More, p. 88-89

Canals of Amsterdam. Expectant for More, p. 98-99

The Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh, Scotland. Thanksgiving in Conflict, p. 102-103

Gig Harbor, Washington. New Year’s Day, 2015. Everlasting Love, p. 21-22

Farrel-McWhirter Park. Redmond, Washington. Those Who Seek Will Find, p. 22-23

Southern California. What Level of Faith? p. 26-27

Baker Beach. San Francisco, California. The Measure of Success, p. 30-31

El Matador State Beach. Malibu, California. Joy is a Choice, p. 32-33

El Tovar Hotel. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. The Foundation of Faith, p. 40-41

Victorian Row Houses. San Francisco, California. Cultivating Wisdom, p. 44-45

Gig Harbor at sunrise. Gig Harbor, Washington. My Presence in Rest, p. 50-51

Montana de Oro. San Luis Obispo, California. The Place of Your Empowerment, p. 52-53

The Golf Club at Newcastle. Newcastle, Washington. A Step of Faith, p. 56-57

The Bremerton Ferry. Bremerton, Washington. Wisdom Finds Me, p. 58-59

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. The Splendor of Majesty, p. 60-61

Red Rock Canyon National Park. Las Vegas, Nevada. The Mountains of Impossibility, p. 62-63

Snoqualmie Valley sunrise. Redmond, Washington. Tune In, p. 68-69

Gig Harbor in the fall. Gig Harbor, Washington. My Love is a Shield, p. 70-71

Occidental Park in Pioneer Square. Seattle, Washington. The Music of Your Heart, p. 72-73

Magnolia United Church of Christ. Seattle, Washington. Ministry to Me, p. 84-85

El Matador State Beach. Malibu, California. Let My Love Flow, p. 96-87

Seattle Waterfront. Seattle, Washington. Make Me Your Priority, p. 100-101

Snoqualmie Valley. Duvall, Washington. Receive My Blessing, p. 106-107

Magnolia United Church of Christ. Seattle, Washington. Laying Up Treasures, p. 114-115

Evening sunset. Duvall, Washington. Forgiveness Chooses Freedom, p. 118-119

Canon Beach. Canon Beach, Oregon. My Shalom is a Gift, p. 122-123

Sunset. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. Magnify Me, p. 124-125

Mount Rainier as seen from the Bremerton Ferry. Seattle, Washington. Living in the Attitude of Worship, p.134-135

Snoqualmie River flooding. Duvall, Washington. Learn From Me, p. 138-139

Magnolia United Church of Christ. Seattle, Washington. More Than Enough, p. 148-149

Red Rock Canyon National Park. Las Vegas, Nevada. Faith Looks Beyond, p. 152-153

Evening sunset. Duvall, Washington. Positioned to Receive Love, p. 166-167

Red Rock Canyon National Park. Las Vegas, Nevada. Inner Transformation p. 168-169

Morning sunrise. Duvall, Washington. The Mindset of the Possible, p. 170-171

Victor’s Celtic Coffee Cafe. Redmond, Washington. The Measure of Honor, p. 178-179

Red Rock Canyon National Park. Las Vegas, Nevada. Hidden Power, p. 182-183

Snoqualmie River flood. Duvall, Washington. Worthy to Be Praised, p. 184-185

Mount Rainier. Gig Harbor, Washington. Refiner’s Fire, p. 192-193

Discovery Park lighthouse. Seattle, Washington. Strength to Comprehend, p. 194-195

Big Sur, California. Rest in Me, p. 202-203



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