Hana – Senior Spokesmodel, Issaquah High School, Class of 2014

Hana – Senior Spokesmodel, Issaquah High School, Class of 2014

It was on a temperamental and blustery Seattle day that Hana and I got together for her Senior Spokesmodel photo and video session.  I’m so glad that she is easygoing and fun to be around, and so unlike the weather that was swirling around us.  If anything, it made for a memorable photo session at Pike’s Place Market.  Hana volunteered to take off her jacket a time or two, which shows just how brave, good-natured and up for adventure she really is.

As a Seattle photographer that specializes in high school senior photography, I’ve come to know and love some special locations in and around Seattle, that I’ll come back to time and time again.  Pike’s Place Market is just one of those spots.  It’s perfect for a senior that wants their senior portraits in an urban setting that can give both a grungy feel as well as something quite beautiful.  Hana demonstrated this perfectly during our time together.


I’ve asked Hana a few, just for fun “getting to know you” questions – some that maybe her closest friends might not even know! So Hana’s friends, see how well you know her and try to figure out what her answer might be, before you read what she had to say. Here goes!




What is one movie that will always make you cry?






“‘My Sister’s Keeper’. I bawled watching that movie.”




Who is your favorite actor?






Ryan Gosling




What is something quirky that your friends may not even know about you?





Most of my friends know this, but I can take out my bottom teeth.




Not only have we been doing model shoots, but we’ve also been creating video showreels set to a theme and to music; a storytelling video that was as much fun to make as it is to watch!

Hana – Senior Spokesmodel Class of 2014 from Lorraine Varela on Vimeo.


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