What Makes Our Senior Portrait Experience Unique

I just want to start out by saying—I love working with high school seniors.  Getting to know the individual is such a big part of what I do.  Because I don’t just care about creating beautiful portraits, I care about the person who is in front of my lens…and I want that to show.

This may be the reason why I’ve heard it said it said from various people throughout the years that our senior pictures show the authentic person—something that can be discerned by a stranger, even if they don’t have a connection to the senior in the picture.  I recently received this message from Emily, when I asked why she was interested in becoming a senior spokesmodel with Lorraine Marie Photography.  She said,


For several years, I have watched your photographs stream across my Facebook and school yearbook. What amazes me most about your work is that you are able to capture the defining attributes of your models. In the many cases where I have personally known the person, I have recognized them equally by how you captured them as well as their looks. It’s inspirational, especially since I have a love of photography myself.

One of my personal favorites that you shared was of Jessica H., who I know personally. The way that a single picture of her captured her elegant poise as well as classic style was amazing. Even those who are introverted, you are able to draw out their spirit and capture it with your lens. I would love to be your next senior spokesmodel because I believe that a picture is all about capturing who someone is—not just what they look like. You do not take cookie-cutter photos, and I would be thrilled to be a voice for you. Thank you!” ~Emily M., Redmond, WA


Thanks, Emily—that means so much to me.  Because I believe that senior pictures are important—not just for now, but for years to come, as they represent a very important time in a teenager’s life.  Along with the photos, I take extra time to create short video clips to put into a slideshow of each senior—film of the senior in motion, video clips of each teen answering questions about things mundane as well as what’s important.  As I do, I get a glimpse into the heart of what each individual thinks, feels and discerns about life.  And it’s preserved so that years in the future, they can re-visit their slideshow and remember what was meaningful to them as a high school senior.  How cool is that?

I recognize that as you search for your high school senior photographer, you have many options to sift through—artistic style, personality, session customization, guarantees, products and price.  It can be overwhelming!  I hope that as you look through these pages, you’ll find exactly what you’ve been looking for. ~Lorraine Marie Varela, Lorraine Marie Photography

Lorraine Marie Photography creates a custom video slideshow with every senior portrait session, containing all of the artistic senior portraits along with video clips and interview segments. These slideshows are available for purchase or are included as gifts with senior packages.

Every senior should be treated to a customized portrait session—no two should look the same!  That doesn’t mean you can’t go to the same location as a friend.  There is always something new to discover, even at familiar places.  Lorraine has a list of different types of locations within the Seattle area to please just about everybody.  And if you don’t see something on the list that you like, let her know so she can talk with you about the types of places that make you happy.  Places like California or New York.  Yes, I’ve photographed seniors in out-of-state locations, and I’d be happy to do this for you, too!

Lorraine Marie Photography offers products that are selected to last a lifetime.  To be pieces that you will love for years to come.  Lorraine chooses her suppliers carefully, and only works with the top labs in the States and around the world.

For the home, Lorraine offers beautifully custom framed photographs for display on the wall, or contemporary canvas gallery wraps that are ready to hang.  Her albums are a mixture of simple leather books with one image per page, or a gorgeous leather album complete with all your favorite photographs in a classically artistic matted style.  Her gift prints are bonded to thin, sturdy mount boards and coated with a finishing spray to provide protection and longevity.

Lorraine wants you to be thrilled with the outcome of your session and the products she provides.  Lorraine believes so firmly in this that she stands by her guarantee—that if you are unhappy with your session in any way—if she missed the mark and did not capture the “authentic you”—Lorraine will refund your session fee or re-schedule a new session at no additional charge.  Additionally, Lorraine stands by the products she creates for you and guarantees your complete satisfaction.